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Driving Success for Electric One: A Google Ads Case Study



As a leading digital marketing agency based in India, our primary objective is to help our clients achieve remarkable results through effective online advertising campaigns. In this case study, we will highlight how our expertise in Google Ads enabled us to deliver outstanding outcomes for our client, Electric One, within a short span of three months.


Client Background:


Electric One is a prominent dealership in the automotive industry, specializing in electric vehicles. With a desire to expand their customer base and increase brand awareness, Electric One approached our agency to develop a robust Google Ads campaign tailored specifically for their dealership acquisition goals.


Campaign Objectives:


Our primary objective was to generate high-quality leads and drive significant traffic to Electric One’s website, all while operating within a limited budget. We set out to achieve the following objectives:


  • Generate a substantial number of leads
  • Drive a high volume of unique visitors to the website
  • Optimize campaign spend to maximize return on investment


Challenges Faced:


While executing the Google Ads campaign for Electric One, we encountered several challenges that demanded strategic planning and problem-solving skills. The challenges we faced included:


  • Highly Competitive Niche: The automotive industry is highly competitive, particularly in the electric vehicle segment. We needed to differentiate Electric One and position them as a preferred choice for potential customers.
  • Conversion Tracking Issue: Initially, we faced difficulties in tracking conversions accurately, which impacted our ability to measure campaign performance and optimize accordingly. It was crucial to resolve this issue to ensure precise data-driven decision-making.
  • Outdated Website: Electric One’s website lacked modern design elements and did not provide an optimal user experience. This posed a challenge in converting website visitors into leads.
  • Zero Audience Data: The absence of audience data limited our ability to target specific segments effectively. We had to rely on market research and creative targeting strategies to maximize campaign reach.
  • Account Setup: Setting up Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and Google Ads account accurately was critical to gather actionable insights and execute effective campaigns. Ensuring the correct implementation of these platforms was a challenge we had to overcome.


Campaign Strategy and Solutions:


To address the challenges mentioned above and meet the campaign objectives, we devised the following strategies and implemented appropriate solutions:


  • Market Analysis and Targeting: We conducted extensive market research to identify key customer segments and their preferences. Leveraging this data, we developed highly targeted ad campaigns to reach potential customers effectively.
  • Creative Ad Copy and Design: We crafted compelling ad copy highlighting Electric One’s unique selling propositions and benefits. We also worked closely with Electric One’s design team to revamp the website, ensuring a seamless user experience and optimized landing pages for lead generation.
  • Conversion Tracking Implementation: We resolved the conversion tracking issue by meticulously configuring tracking codes and implementing conversion tracking pixels. This allowed us to accurately measure campaign performance, optimize bidding strategies, and enhance overall campaign effectiveness.
  • Audience Expansion and Retargeting: Despite limited audience data initially, we implemented various strategies to expand Electric One’s reach. We leveraged lookalike audiences, interests targeting, and retargeting to engage with potential customers who showed interest in electric vehicles or similar products/services.
  • Continuous Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored key performance indicators and made data-driven optimizations. We refined ad targeting, adjusted bids, and tested different ad variations to maximize conversions and drive the highest possible return on investment.


Results and Benefits:


  • Through our strategic approach and diligent execution, the Google Ads campaign for Electric One yielded exceptional results:
  • Generated 3,047 high-quality leads within a three-month period.
  • Attracted 2 lakh unique visitors to Electric One’s website, resulting in increased brand visibility and potential customer engagement.

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