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Project overview

Aashima Behl brings in a healthy dose of well-fed pret for an array of body types. As a DESIGNIST, Aashima has learnt that each body is unique in its own way and designed to be worshipped. It’s not just about a size but a lifestyle – where you are what you want to be in easy to wear shapes created to celebrate you in all your glory.


Physical touch and contact are some of the most fundamental
aspects of life. Digital sites often neglect these important
human needs, and we wanted to go some way to bridge that
gap with Aashima Behl products. The ambition was to create a beautiful,
user-friendly platform that mimicked elements of the tactile
experience you can have in a physical, brick-and-mortar store
– bringing the buying process alive on screen.

Our target audience, is 18-34-year-old fashion
enthusiasts, make up a large portion of online purchases on
the internet these days. Reflecting on this ever-growing trend
of eCommerce purchases, it was extremely
important to create a platform that delivered a rich
experience on all devices and was led by mobile-first

Our biggest challenge, however, was how to achieve harmony
between convenience, usability, and the all-important ‘wow’
the factor that makes a purchase possible. 

Grid Style

Color palette

Primary 1

HEX Code –  #c3aba7
R 195C 24
G 171M 32
B 167Y 29
 K 0

Silver Pink

Primary 2

HEX Code –  #f99797
R 183C 0
G 224M 51
B 244Y 29
 K 0

American Pink


HEX Code –  #000000
R 0C 75
G 0M 68
B 0Y 67
 K 90





With more than 16+ years of experience, our team has become a leader in digital design and innovations.

Instead of utilizing contrast purely for the purpose of mitigating who are excited about unique ideas and help digital companies.

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