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Case Studies

Analytics & GA4 Success Story for TOMS® Shoes India

Case study

Client Background

TOMS Shoes India is dedicated to improving lives through its footwear. They offer a diverse range of stylish shoes for all ages, blending fashion with a philanthropic mission.

TOMS Shoes India, an extension of the globally recognized TOMS brand, upholds the company’s ethos of making a positive impact with every pair of shoes sold. Known for its pioneering One for One® model, TOMS India continues the tradition of combining style with social responsibility. For each pair purchased, TOMS Shoes India contributes towards meaningful causes, focusing on health, education, and community development. This commitment positions TOMS not just as a footwear brand but as a socially conscious entity dedicated to improving lives and empowering communities across India

Decoding the Data Dissonance


To address the tracking issues that TOMS Shoes India is experiencing with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), including the non-recording of conversions and the absence of Google Tag Manager Base Code, a strategic approach is required. This involves a thorough audit of the GA4 configuration, ensuring that the Tag Manager Base Code is correctly installed, and setting up necessary tags and triggers for accurate conversion tracking. Additionally, verifying that the correct data streams are active and testing across different user behaviors and devices is crucial to ensure comprehensive data capture and reliable reporting.

This detailed analysis and correction will help restore the full functionality of GA4, enabling TOMS Shoes India to accurately measure their website’s performance and user engagement.

Pinpointing the Issue Proactively

We Identified the Problem First

To address the tracking issues that Hoopr is facing with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), including the non-tracking of conversions, here are some steps to consider:

Identified Major Problem


We addressed a critical issue faced by the client related to their checkout process. The client had implemented a third-party checkout application to enhance the customer experience and streamline the checkout process. However, this integration inadvertently introduced additional codes to the checkout page.

This extra code interfered with the proper functioning of conversion tracking, leading to a significant challenge: conversions were not being accurately counted. Our team identified this issue as a key obstacle in the client’s eCommerce performance.


To resolve this, we conducted a thorough analysis of the checkout page and the added codes. We carefully revised the integration process, ensuring that the third-party application’s codes did not conflict with the website’s conversion tracking mechanisms. This involved technical adjustments and coordination with the app developers to maintain a smooth checkout experience while ensuring accurate conversion data was captured.


Post-resolution, we observed an immediate improvement in the accuracy of conversion tracking, which was crucial for the client’s understanding of customer behavior and the overall performance of their eCommerce platform. This solution not only rectified the tracking issue but also preserved the enhanced user experience provided by the checkout application.

TOMS Shoes Google Ads & GA4 Calibration


To address the tracking issues faced by TOMS Shoes with Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the following steps were implemented:


Review Google Ads Conversion Settings

  • Ensured that the conversion actions in Google Ads were correctly set up. This involved double-checking the conversion tracking code and making sure it was properly installed on the relevant pages of the TOMS Shoes website.

Verify Google Analytics Integration with Google Ads

  • Checked the integration between GA4 and Google Ads to ensure that data was being accurately shared between the two platforms. This is crucial for tracking conversions and their values correctly.

Check URL Tracking Parameters

  • Verified if the URL tracking parameters were being automatically captured by GA4. This helps in attributing conversions to the correct sources and campaigns without necessarily using UTM tag.

Audit Tracking Pixel Installation

  • Confirmed the correct installation of the Google Analytics tracking pixel on the TOMS Shoes website. The presence of the tracking pixel is essential for accurate data collection and tracking conversion.

Diagnose with Real-Time Analytics

  • Utilized the real-time analytics feature in Google Ads to gain instant feedback on ad performance, which helped in identifying any discrepancies in conversion tracking.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustments

  • Established a process for ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure consistent and accurate tracking of conversions and conversion values.

Successfully Addressed and Resolved

By following these steps, the tracking issues with conversions and conversion values in both Google Ads and GA4 for TOMS Shoes were successfully addressed and resolved. 


What our clients
say about us.

"The Creative Nexus team, led by the technical brilliance of Parshant, excels in a friendly yet professional approach to Google Analytics challenges. Their teamwork and Parshant's expertise in analytics shine through, offering not just solutions but also enhancing our campaigns with innovative strategies.

This partnership has driven our business growth, setting a new standard in digital collaboration and technical mastery."

Shruti Hegde

Business Analyst at TOMS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does GA4 setup take?

GA4 setup time varies, from 30 minutes for basic installation to several hours for complex setups, including conversion tracking and quality assurance (QA)​

Can I migrate historic GA3 data to GA4?

No, due to different data models in GA3 and GA4, it's not possible to merge historic data from GA3 to GA4

Will GA4 data match GA3 data?

Expect discrepancies between GA3 and GA4 data due to different tracking methodologies and data models

What's the main difference between GA4 and UA (Universal Analytics)?

GA4 is event-based, while UA uses a session-based data model. GA4 offers more flexibility and is designed for a cookieless world, focusing on privacy and user engagement

Why is GA4 replacing Universal Analytics?

GA4 is being introduced to cater to modern web usage patterns, like mobile and app usage, and to address privacy concerns in a cookieless internet environment

How do I install GA4 on my website?

GA4 can be installed manually, through plugins or website builders like WordPress, or using Google Tag Manager (GTM) for more advanced tracking capabilities​

Do I need Google Tag Manager with GA4?

While not necessary, using GTM with GA4 offers additional customizability and advanced tracking features​

How often should I check Google Analytics?

This depends on your specific needs; it can be daily for up-to-date insights or weekly for overall performance monitoring​

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