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Wisdom Global School Google Ads Success: A Proven Case Study

About Company

The Wisdom Global School is a place where limitless opportunities flourish. It is where the exuberance of childhood is nourished with care so that every child grows holistically, be it academics, recreation, or emotional, spiritual, or physical development. Here, we prepare your children for future education, nurture their skills, and instils in them the enthusiasm to be a learner for life. We are focused on the complete personality development of the Child who enters the school and meets and beats the expectations of the parents, who completely entrust us by handing over their dearly loved child.

Campaign Objectives

Our primary aim was to drive traffic to facilitate school admissions online during the COVID-19 pandemic. We sought to ensure seamless enrollment processes while prioritizing the safety and convenience of prospective students and their families.


Lead Generation: Successfully generated approximately 4,500 high-quality leads.

0 K

Website Traffic

0 K

High Quality Leads

0 .5K

Unique Visitors

+ 0 %

Profit Margin

Challenges Faced

Operating in a competitive educational landscape

Overcoming difficulties in accurately tracking conversions.

The Wisdom Global School outdated website hindered user experience and negatively impacted conversion rates.

Ensuring precise targeting to reach the right audience.

Proper setup and integration of these platforms were necessary for tracking, analysis, and optimization.

Campaign Strategies

To address the challenges mentioned above and meet the campaign objectives,
we devised the following strategies and implemented appropriate solutions:

Keyword Optimization &
Keyword Research

Implemented strategic keyword targeting to reach relevant audiences.

Ad Copy Testing
and Optimization

Implemented A/B testing to identify the most compelling ad copy variations based on CTRs and conversion rates.

Landing Page

Utilized tools like Google Optimize and heat maps to optimize landing pages based on user behavior analysis.

Ad Schedule and
Bid Adjustments

Analyzed campaign data to optimize ad scheduling and bidding strategies for peak performance.

Remarketing and
Audience Segmentation

Leveraged audience segmentation for personalized remarketing campaigns to boost conversions.

Conversion Tracking Optimization
and Funnel Analysis

Utilized advanced attribution models and funnel analysis to optimize campaign flow and budget allocation.

Ongoing Data Analysis
and Reporting

Monitored campaign performance metrics and generated detailed reports for continuous optimization.

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Proven Results

Our Performance

The Wisdom Global School, a prominent educational institution, faced challenges with its online presence and student enrollment efforts. As a digital marketing agency, we embarked on a transformative journey with The Wisdom Global School, leveraging the power of Google Ads and data-driven strategies. This case study showcases how our comprehensive approach and diligent optimization resulted in exponential growth and outstanding results within a short timeframe.

Results Achieved


What our clients
say about us

Google Ads Case study!

"Under the visionary leadership of Nikhil Jain, with U.C. Jain as chairman, The Wisdom Global School in Hardiwar, Creative Nexus proved to be an invaluable partner during the challenging times of COVID-19. Their ingenious campaign strategies and lead-generation efforts, particularly through Google Ads, were instrumental in our success. Their strong execution and the incredible talent within their team ensured remarkable results. We are immensely grateful for their dedication and expertise, which propelled our school forward during these unprecedented times."

U.C Jain

chairman of The Wisdom Global School in Haridwar


This case study highlights how our Google Ads campaign successfully achieved the objectives set forth by The Wisdom Global School, contributing to its growth and success in the competitive educational sector.

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Wisdom Global School Google Ads Success: A Proven Case Study

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Wisdom Global School Google Ads Success: A Proven Case Study

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HopCharge – A Digital Marketing Success Story

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Hummel India – Digital Marketing Success Story

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Wisdom Global School Google Ads Success: A Proven Case Study

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