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9 Best Instagram Metrics You Should Monitor to Assess Success

Instagram has become a potent marketing resource for businesses of all sizes. An astounding 90% of its excellent base of more than 1.3 billion active users follow at least one brand account, highlighting the platform’s enormous expansion and client outreach potential. However, managing the Instagram platform requires more skill than simply counting users. The true difficulty for marketing companies worldwide is turning this enormous user base into significant engagement and conversions for their clients. This is when the Instagram statistics that you use as a compass to navigate the Instagram marketing sea come into play, turning data into strategy and potential into results.

Which Instagram metrics, though, are the most informative? How might they be used to support your clients’ marketing initiatives and foster scalable success?

You may learn more about your client’s target audiences, gauge the success of their content, and spot opportunities to improve their social media strategy to meet their marketing objectives by keeping an eye on the appropriate Instagram analytics.

In this post, we’ll go into the world of Instagram metrics and identify nine crucial metrics that every marketing agency needs to be monitoring. These 9 best instagram metrics are your secret weapon since you can use them to track audience insights for your clients, evaluate the success of their content, and seize opportunities to enhance their Instagram strategies.

Get ready to boost your clients’ Instagram marketing campaigns and establish new benchmarks for success in the social media space.

What Do Instagram Metrics Mean?

Simply defined, an Instagram metric is a performance indicator that enables you to monitor crucial information about the effectiveness of the material created for your clients. In this approach, based on the objectives of your clients, you use Instagram analytics tools to determine the kind of material that attracts users the most. Over time, you become more adept at building upon successful content, offering suggestions for the next Instagram promotions, and even identifying the demographics of undiscovered markets.

9 Best Instagram Metrics for Tracking Performance That Your Agency Should Use

You undoubtedly already know the distinction between reach and impressions when it comes to choosing which Instagram analytics to track. What about the proportion of Instagram fans that comment on your client’s posts? or the number of calls to action clicked on a website? 

Important Instagram metrics offer a snapshot of content performance, but they are all unique in their own right. The following nine crucial Instagram metrics can be used to gauge how well your client’s posts perform on the platform:

1. Follower Growth Rate

A large Instagram following increases brand reputation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your client’s marketing efforts and Instagram strategy are succeeding.

On the other side, you can see whether your client’s business is expanding and bringing in new clients by looking at the follower growth rate.

In other words, the rate at which the follower count fluctuates is frequently more significant than the actual number of Instagram followers when analyzing follower performance. 

Consider the scenario where you gain 50 new followers in a single month. A 10% growth rate is good if your client started off with 500 followers. However, your follower growth rate would only be 1% if you began with 5000 followers and added 50 new ones in one month. Your marketing efforts may be stalling, according to one Instagram indicator, so it could be time to attempt a different approach.

2. Per-follower Instagram engagement

Only 10% of the followers of your clients actually view their organic material.

If the followers of your clients don’t see and interact with their Instagram profiles, posts, or reels, all the followers in the world won’t result in any new business. Metrics of the engagement rate are relevant in this situation.

Engagement is more crucial than ever because of Instagram’s continually changing algorithm to guarantee that their posts are viewed.

Monitoring how interested your client’s Instagram audience is by tracking engagement per follower can help you inform your agency’s entire social media marketing approach.

If you’re assessing a collaboration with an influencer, for instance, this crucial Instagram metric might be helpful because you don’t want to pay for a sponsored post on their Instagram account if they have no followers.

Just as with follower count and follower growth rate, you shouldn’t focus just on the unprocessed Instagram performance figures. The magnitude of the target audience’s demographics should be taken into consideration when comparing the number of likes and comments.

Agency Tip: Remember that the Instagram algorithm takes into account videos, reels, and other content that users have interacted with in some way. The appropriate content is then displayed after determining what is most applicable to that user. Watch which material gets the most interaction and adjust your client’s strategy as necessary. By doing this, you’ll raise the possibility that the constantly altering Instagram algorithm will respond favorably to you!

Monthly or weekly calculations of their engagement metrics are recommended. Avoid trying to monitor it regularly because the data will likely be distorted by daily swings.

To calculate engagement per follower, divide the total number of likes and comments your client receives over a specific time period by the entire number of followers they have during that time.

3. Engagement on Instagram Stories

Following the interaction on Instagram Stories is as easy as swiping!

Clicking on the eye icon after publishing a story to a client’s Instagram Business profile reveals who has viewed the story.

Click on the graph icon to display a summary of shares, replies, profile visits, and sticker taps to see how the story is doing. 

Instagram stories, which might be images or videos, are distinct from other types of content since they vanish after 24 hours. But don’t worry—these Instagram insights won’t vanish! Go to your client’s profile, to the ‘Insights’ area, and click ‘Stories’ under ‘Content You Shared.’ This will provide you access to performance metrics for past Instagram stories. Even after they have passed their expiration date, you may still access a helpful grid of prior posts’ views, analytics, and stories.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, you should pay attention to two crucial metrics: views and exits.

Views reveal the number of distinct viewers who saw your client’s story. The more time your client spends using Instagram and the more followers they get, the more their story views ought to rise.

Exits let you know which slide a person was on when they left their narrative. Exits provide a useful indicator of what engages and disengages their audience. Try to determine why so many viewers lost interest at that particular point if you notice a lot of exits on one particular slide.

Engagement Rate of Followers

This crucial Instagram indicator helps you understand how many followers engage with the content of your clients. 

The engagement rate by followers is calculated by adding up all of the interactions (likes, comments, shares, and reposts) and dividing it by the total number of followers. To convert to a percentage rate, multiply by 100. If your client wants a follower engagement rate for a particular kind of content, this can be customized.

Reach-based Engagement Rate

Engagement rate by reach yields a percentage just like the previous formula. This Instagram indicator enables you to comprehend the level of interaction from people who might not regularly interact with the content of your client’s company page but use it.

The overall amount of engagement is quantified, divided by the total number of followers reached, and multiplied by 100 to provide the engagement rate by reach as a percentage.

Here, it’s a chance to learn more about the possibility of remarketing and enlarging on comprehensive material.

For a marketing agency, closely observing the engagement rate trends for a client’s Instagram account offers insightful information about the success of their content strategy, assisting in determining what appeals to the audience, and guiding data-driven decisions for subsequent campaigns to improve performance and maximize return on investment.

Website Traffic

Instagram, like other social media platforms, is a potent source of visitors to the websites of your clients.

Instagram has more restrictions than other social media sites when it comes to generating traffic for a website as each post cannot contain clickable links. Instead, the network only permits a link in the bio, and businesses with more than 10,000 Instagram followers can add swipe-up links to their posts.

Track the number of Instagram users who visit your client’s website using the aid of Google Analytics, which divides traffic into default channel groupings, one of which is “social.”

To find out exactly which social media sites are bringing visitors to your website, go to 

“Acquisition” –> “Channels” and click “Social” in your GA account.

Measure the return on your social media investment precisely. To determine whether the Instagram traffic for your client converts, check “Goals” in Google Analytics.

Per-Post Link Clicks

Finding out which particular links and Instagram stories were clicked comes next after knowing how much traffic Instagram brings to the website. 

By generating URLs with UTM characteristics that inform your analytics platform where specific profile visits originated, you can advance your client’s Instagram analytics. In essence, UTM parameters are informational tags that are added to a client’s regular URL.

While manually creating UTM URLs could be laborious, many simple internet tools can accomplish it for you. A well-liked (and cost-free!) tool is GA Campaign Builder.

Because UTM URLs are notoriously long, it is beneficial to shorten your final URL using or a comparable application.

Add a Google Analytics dashboard for your social traffic to Agency Analytics, including target completions and goal value, to take your reports to the next level and show clients the outcomes from Instagram.

This analysis gauges how well social media traffic—such as that from Instagram—converts on the website of your customer.

Comments per Post

While Instagram likes are encouraging, comments are more valuable in terms of engagement.

While clicking the “like” button just takes a moment, leaving a remark takes some time and consideration. When someone comments, it demonstrates that you’ve truly captured their attention and made some sort of emotional connection with them.

Having said that, tracking the number of comments your client receives is crucial. Keep an eye on their average and note whether it rises or falls. Try to determine why the audience for your client is less involved than it once was if the average number of comments has reduced.

To spot any trends over time, it’s also wise to keep track of which specific postings receive the most comments. If a certain style of product photo is popular with their audience, for instance, make more of those postings to maintain the level of engagement.


Another Instagram measure that needs you to switch to a business account to construct an Instagram business profile is Reach. View your client’s Instagram reach in Instagram Insights.

Reach provides you with information on the overall number of people who have viewed your client’s post.

In contrast to impressions, this is different. It will count as three impressions if the same individual views the same post three times. However, that person only counts as one in terms of reach, making it a crucial indicator to gauge brand recognition and the number of people who are viewing their message.

You should monitor Reach Rate in addition to Total Reach. The proportion of followers who view your client’s post is shown here. Subtract the number of followers from the post’s overall reach to arrive at the calculation. For instance, your client’s reach rate is 30% if they have 1000 followers and 300 reach.

Using hashtags and branded hashtags is one technique to expand the reach of your client. Check out this advice on how to utilize Instagram hashtags to achieve results, but make sure to use them appropriately.

Track Instagram Metrics with a Single Click

Without a doubt, Instagram may be a fantastic social media platform to promote the business of your clientele. It’s enjoyable, gives you a creative outlet, and enables interaction with their fans. Another in-demand service is social media management.  

Remember that you need to track the correct metrics to highlight your agency’s work if you want your Instagram marketing to be successful and enjoyable. By concentrating on social media analytics rather than vanity measures, you’ll achieve those industry benchmarks each month. 

With over 18+ yrs of experience in Global Marketing Communication & Branding. Previous to this, he worked with companies like Boston Consulting Group (BCG), KPMG, and ZS Associates, Aptara etc.

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